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Along with the times, the pattern of da'wah has shifted. Compared to oral, da'wah through writing becomes more urgent and effective, which is preaching through social media with the internet and writings containing da'wah messages. The superiority of da'wah with this model does not make the da'wah material will disappear even though the dai, or the author has died, as the Prophet said, "Indeed the ink of the ulama is better than the blood of the martyrs".

But the purpose of da'wah with the model can only be realized if it is supported by effective media. That is, in the process of preaching the preachers or dai not only presenting the material verbally, but conveying the material of the preaching through social media so that the material can be read anywhere and anytime like the role of social media today.

When looking at da'wah today, it is deemed necessary to have a deep critical evaluation, because the style, model, method and media used also influence the implementation, dynamics, direction, and implementation of Islamic da'wah. Given the importance of social media as a means of preaching, it is necessary to have strategies, methods, special approaches for preachers in preaching related to the use of social media as a means of delivering da'wah messages. This journal tries to contribute ideas to make inspiration for preachers to use social media as a means of delivering da'wah messages.


Keywords: Social Media, Da'wah

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