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In the upcoming 2019, the Indonesian nation will hold the largest democratic party, namely the election of the President and Vice President. Each candidate pair competes with each other in winning the people's votes. One of the sound holes that has an effect on the presidential election later is the Millennial generation. Generation that is able to create change. According to the survey results, the millennial generation is still faltering in making choices or the presidential candidate must be concerned about reaching the millennial vote. The figure of Sandiaga Uno is someone who is believed to be able to embrace the voice of the Millennial generation because of Uno's background that is very much associated with them. Handsome, young, polite, successful is a prominent thing from a Sandiaga. This is what attracts the attention of the Millennial generation who express their appearance visually. Various strategies are carried out in achieving sympathetic millennial generation starting from using mass media and social media.

Keywords: Sandiaga Uno, Millennial Generation, Presidential Election

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