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AL MA’ARIEF: Jurnal Pendidikan Sosial dan Budaya (ISSN Print: 2685-5917; ISSN Online: 2685-5925 DOI:  is a peer reviewed and open access journal on social studies and social science either in the form of conceptual ideas or research results from various perspectives. It is published twice a year, in June and December by Program Studi Tadris IPS, Fakultas Tarbiyah, Institut Agama Islam Negeri Parepare in collaboration with Perkumpulan Program Studi Pendidikan IPS Indonesia (APRIPSI). The editors welcome scholars, researchers, lecturers to participate in writing articles in this journal. The articles must be original and have never been published.

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Call for Paper for Volume 6 Number 2 2024

Jun 18, 2024

Al Ma'arief: Jurnal Pendidikan Sosial dan Budaya invites researchers, academics and practitioners to publish the results of their research in accordance with the focus of the journal. Manuscripts must be submitted no later than the end of August 2024.

Vol 6 No 1 (2024): Al Ma'arief: Jurnal Pendidikan Sosial dan Budaya

AL MA'ARIEF: Jurnal Pendidikan Sosial dan Budaya is a journal with an open-access scientific peer-review process, has published articles in this edition written/co-authored by authors from 5 countries (Indonesia, China, Timor Leste, Malaysia, and Republic of Korea).




Published: Jun 28, 2024

Analysis of 21st-century skills: Student collaboration through discovery learning in history subjects

1-10 Fina Fauziyah, Saiful Amin, Linda Maulidiah

An analytical study of gender equality in the Mappadendang tradition

11-22 Tri Bambang Prasetio, Sitti Jamilah Amin, Abd Wahidin

Analysis of history subject teaching modules in high school: A review based on the Merdeka Curriculum

23-37 Fini Fajri Mulyani, Fadilla Syahriani, Mariano Dos Santos

Understanding dramaturgic theory as the key to choosing an ideal leader

38-48 Sabaruddin Sabaruddin, Agustan Agustan, Intan Soliha Ibrahim, Saifur Rahman, Maharani Maharani

Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luckmann's social construction of the institutionalization of tolerance values in the Nyadran Perdamaian tradition

49-61 Muhamad Sidik Pramono, Tony Tampake, Izak Y.M Lattu, Adlan Christember Molewe
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