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Al-Iftah: Journal of Islamic studies and society is a biannual peer-reviewed international journal published in June and December by Postgraduate of the Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Parepare, South Sulawesi - Indonesia. The journal focuses on Islamic Studies in broad context with regards but not limited to Islamic education, Islamic law, Islamic Communication, Islamic economic, Islamic philosophy. The language used in this journal are English and Arabic.

Vol 1 No 2 (2020): Al-Iftah: Journal of Islamic Studies and Society

This edition focus on Islamic education in practices

Published: Dec 10, 2020

The Use of Non-Verbal Communication to Improve the Ability to Memorize Surah Al-Ikhlas in Class II Students of MI DDI Teppo Pinrang

1-12 Sarifah Sarifah, Firman Firman, Muzdalifah Muhammadun
Read Statistic: 51

Application of Contextual Teaching and Learning Models in Improving the Manasic Understanding of Haji for X-Class Students

13-29 Hamka Hamka, Muhammad Saleh, Abd. Halim K.
Read Statistic: 27

The Influence of Intellectual Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence on Student Discipline in Learning Islamic Education at SMP Negeri 2 Parepare

30-45 Zulfiah Zulfiah, Hamdanah Hamdanah
Read Statistic: 52

The Role of Fiqh Teachers in Improving Discipline in Congregational Prayers for Santri in the New Normal Era

46-54 Wahidah Ruslan, Abu Bakar Juddah
Read Statistic: 44

A Perception on Industry Revolution 4.0 Digital Age and Impact on English Learning Motivation to the Students of Islamic Higher Education

55-67 Uswatun Hasanah, Arqam Arqam

Analysis of Reward and Punishment in EFL Classroom

68-90 Sri Wahyuni Syarifuddin, Zulfah Zulfah
Read Statistic: 160

KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learned) Strategy for Teaching English Reading Comprehension In Efl Classroom

91-110 Nufadilah Nurfadilah
Read Statistic: 66

The Effectiveness of Reading Encoding Annotating and Pondering Technique Toward Students’ Reading Comprehension at SMA Negeri 1 Sarudu Kab. Pasangkayu

111-132 Hasmiati Hasmiati, Abdul Haris Sunubi
Read Statistic: 27

Challenges Encountered by EFL Teachers in Teaching Productive and Receptive Skills at SMP 2 Mattirobulu Pinrang

133-158 Irma Irma
Read Statistic: 93
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