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This study aims to determine the development of research around credit risk in Islamic and Conventional Financial Institutions. The research was conducted from 1975 to 2022, by searching national and international journals indexed by Google Scholar, Sinta, and Scopus via the Perish/Harzing application, with the keyword "Credit Risk". Based on the search results, there were 1139 research articles, then inputted into the VOSviewer application and analyzed descriptively through a literature review study. The results showed that the number of publications had increased significantly every year. Furthermore, based on the results detected using the VOSviewer application, research related to credit risk is divided into 5 clusters. Meanwhile, based on the results of a literature review study, there are 13 main themes related to credit risk in Islamic and Conventional Banking.


Credit Risk Bibliometrics VOSviewer Literature Review Islamic and Conventional Banking

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Budianto, E. W. H. (2023). Research Mapping of Credit Risks in Islamic and Conventional Banking: VOSviewer Bibliometric Study and Literatur Review. BANCO: Jurnal Manajemen Dan Perbankan Syariah, 5(1), 20-34.


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