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Globalization has influenced society's social structure, including religion. Globalization has merged several civilizations and created new ones. Sacred-profane or local-global divides have dissolved. Sacred entities (teachings) in religion are no longer personal, but shared by all followers. Radicalism is a popular religious doctrine in today's media. Globalization has made closed-group radicalism obsolete. Diverse mediums are utilised, including YouTube. The YouTube channel teaches puritanism, anti-state system, and SARA intolerance. In this study, Media Da'wah Sunnah, Cahaya Islam, and Cahaya Tauhid are considered extreme social media. Using Baudrillard's simulacrum theory, the channel offers a new social reality. It has various interpretations, no original/false clarity, and everyone can explain it. Youtube material may inspire, move, and change perspectives. In YouTube media, the notion of simulacrum is near to the previous reality. or a representation, description, or characterization of particular groupings. When the simulacra's new meanings match, replication is required.

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