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The purpose of this research was to determine the potential and opportunities for sharia tourism in Soppeng Regency. The research method used in this study is qualitative research with a field approach (Field Research), and the data processing technique is an observation technique that is directly to the field where it is studied, as well as interview techniques (Interview) to obtain the information to be studied. The purpose of this research is to concentrate on the sharia tourism potential of Floating Houses.  According to the findings of this study, the Floating House Tourism has development potential, specifically with the characteristics of the Floating House and with natural preservation that is maintained, natural natural beauty, and culinary halal food and drinks for tourists who will visit. The potential for Floating Houses is the number of visitors who have eco-friendly tourism patterns as well as culturally friendly tourism patterns, which directly benefit the community's economy. Sharia tourism has the potential to managing tourist attraction into the halal food and beverage culinary sector. Sharia tourism on Floating Houses will be provided with facilities and infrastructure that hold and lead to sharia elements.


sharia tourism management floating house

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