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This study discusses the Potential and Prospects of Sharia Tourism. Sharia tourism is a form of culture-based tourism that is in line with the values of Islamic sharia standards. The purpose of this study (1) to find out the management of facilities and infrastructure at the Salopi tourist beach, Pinrang Regency (2) to find out the management of the Salopi beach tourism destination, Pinrang Regency (3) To find out how culinary management is at the Salopi beach tourism, Pinrang Regency. The type of research used is qualitative and uses primary and secondary data types obtained by observation, interviews, and documentation. The focus of this research is to focus on the Salopi Tourism Beach Management System, Pinrang Regency: Sharia Perspective. Culinary research results show that 1). The form of management of facilities and infrastructure on Salopi Beach, Pinrang Regency has been well managed. The manager has prepared various kinds of facilities and infrastructure to support sharia tourism such as providing prayer rooms and prayer tools for visitors. 2). The form of management of the Salopi tourist beach destination in Pinrang Regency is going well and has implemented Sharia Tourism in its management. The management has improved services and upholds morals or courtesy when serving visitors. 3). In the management of Culinary on the tourist beach of Salopi, Pinrang Regency, it has provided Culinary that suits the needs of visitors who are Muslim, manages it according to conditions and guarantees it is halal. So that it will eliminate the doubts of visitors in enjoying the Culinary provided and leave a positive impression for visitors.


management system sharia perspectives

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