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This study raises the potential for developing the management of Karangan Latimojong Tourism Village, Enrekang Regency (study of the application of the sharia concept). The purpose of this study was to determine the potential of the Karangan Latimojong tourism village in Enrekang Regency, the management of the Karangan Latimojong tourism village in Enrekang Regency, and the development of the Karangan Latimojong tourism village in the sharia concept. This study uses qualitative research methods and data collection techniques used are documentation, observation, and interviews. The data analysis technique used is an interactive model data analysis consisting of a) data reduction, b) data presentation and c) conclusions, where the process takes place circularly during the research. The number of subjects in this study were 8 people. The results of the study show that 1) the potential of a tourist village includes tourist attraction, accessibility, non-halal facilities and activities and the development of a tourist village based on sharia concepts, namely accessibility, environment, and service. Karangan Latimojong Tourism Village has the potential to meet the concept of halal tourism standards as evidenced by the natural potential with its sustainability, providing Muslim-friendly services, performing arts or tourist attractions that do not conflict with Islamic principles, halal food and beverage products, and providing lodging accommodations that do not violate ethics. Islam. 


development potential sharia cocncept tourism village

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