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Volume 2 Nomor 2 April 2024

JURNAL SULTAN: Riset Hukum Tata Negara is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Constitutional Law Study Program, Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Law, Parepare State Islamic Institute, Indonesia under the auspices of the Sao Jurnal IAIN Parepare. The study headers from the JURNAL SULTAN include constitutional law, election law, local government law, state administrative law, and state law. This journal is a scientific journal in the field of constitutional law published in April and October.

e-ISSN: 2985-7260

DOI: 10.35905/sultan_htn

The purpose of this journal is as a means for students, academics, researchers, and practitioners to publish original research articles or review articles. The scope published in this journal discusses various topics of constitutional law, including:

  1. State Administrative Law;
  2. Constitutional Law;
  3. Local Government Law;
  4. Village Government Law;
  5. State Financial Law;
  6. Election Law;
  7. Environmental Law;
  8. Labor Law; and
  9. State Law.
Published: 2024-01-29
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