Taswiq: Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah is a periodical scientific journal published by the Postgraduate Department of Sharia Economic Law IAIN Parepare. It is a journal that focuses on the development of Islamic Economics. The journal comprehensively examines various aspects of current and emerging laws and economics relevant to the field. The journal board welcomes articles from scientists, scholars, professionals, researchers, and students as a collective effort toward the advancement of Islamic economics, submitted manuscripts will be published and disseminated. The journal releases new issues twice annually, in January and July. Taswiq: Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah focuses on the main issues in the development of Islamic Economics, covering conceptual ideas and research findings related to the following areas: 1. Islamic Economics Law 2. Islamic Banking and Finance 3. Islamic Business 4. Islamic Law 5. Islamic Marketing 6. Islamic Philanthropy 7. Islamic Human Capital 8. Halal Supply Chain Management 9. Halal Industry 10. Other Topics Related to Islamic Economics