The first edition of this journal is focused on Islamic economy studies

Published: Jun 10, 2020

The Sharia Economic Values of Transactions in Pekkabata Market

1-13 Afrianti Afrianti, Sitti Jamilah, Muliati Muliati
Read Statistic: 11

Risk of al-Bai’ on Clove Seeds in Mappalla System Islamic Law Perspectives

14-22 Anita Anita, Fikri Fikri, Sunuwati Sunuwati
Read Statistic: 3

SWOT Analysis of Arrum Hajj Products of Pawnshop Parepare Area

23-36 Desy Arum Sunarta, Mahsyar Mahsyar
Read Statistic: 14

Service Strategy of PT. Zakiah Dina Tayyibah on Prospective Umrah and Pilgrims: Analysis of Islamic Business Ethics

37-52 Eka Perawati, St Aminah
Read Statistic: 8

The Role of BMT Al-Istiqamah Sharia Cooperative in Improving Micro-Economy

53-72 Ermin Nur, Muhammad Kamal Zubair
Read Statistic: 9

Implementation of Hybryd Contracts in MULIA Financing Transactions at Sharia Pawnshop

73-85 Syamsiah Muhsin, Rahman Ambo Masse
Read Statistic: 6

Optimization of Professional Zakat Fund Management at the Office of Ministry of Religion of Parepare City

86-97 M. Hasyim Usman, Hannani Hannani, Agus Muchsin
Read Statistic: 5

Optimization of Zakat Management in Baznas on Community Empowerment in Parepare City

98-111 Rifdaningsi Rifdaningsi, Mukhtar Yunus
Read Statistic: 2

Waqf Empowerment as a Source of Funds in Pesantren DDI Al-Ihsan Kanang

112-119 Marhani Marhani, Riskawati Riskawati, Hadijah Hadijah
Read Statistic: 7