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Management of hospitality services, especially city hotel must continue to develop and think of ways so that their business can compete with several hotels which also have the same goal of meeting customer needs in order to attract profits. This study aims to find out 1) how good the service quality is, (2) how good the level of customer satisfaction is, 3) looking for a positive and significant relationship, and 4) the influence of service quality on hotel customer satisfaction. Data collection procedures and techniques in this descriptive and associative quantitative research are using questionnaires and documentation. The test is using one sample t test, Pearson product moment correlation test, simple linear regression analysis, and coefficient of determination test. The results of the research questionnaire found that 1) the level of service quality at Bukit Kenari Hotel Parepare City was 77.77% which means good, based on the one sample t test, 2) the average level of customer satisfaction at Bukit Kenari Hotel is 78.89% which means good, based on the one sample t test, 3) there is a positive and significant relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction, based on the Pearson product moment test, 4) there is an effect of service quality on customer satisfaction at Bukit Kenari Hotel based on simple linear regression analysis and coefficient of determination


service quality customer satisfaction city hotel

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