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ICT is one of the learning media that is widely used in various fields of education
because it increases the effectiveness and efficiency in the learning process. The
use of ICT in learning includes tutorials, application tools and communication,
while the application of ICT in the world of education is in the form of electronic
books and e-learning. The use of information and communication technology in
education is absolutely necessary to answer problems in the education sector,
especially for access and equity and the quality of education. Everything will run
smoothly depending on the technology and network conditions available.
Standardization and utilization of ICT in education is very important to ensure the
quality of educational processes and outcomes. Teachers as implementers of
education are required to design the learning process by presenting the right
learning atmosphere so that the learning process can take place effectively,
efficiently and pleasantly. One learning model that can be used as a reference for
model design and learning based material is the ADDIE model.


ICT, Education, Learning Model

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