1. Articles should be original, unpublished and not under review for possible publication in other journals.
  2. Manuscripts should be types in MS Document format, 1,5 spacing on A4-paper size, using Times New Roman font, and 10-15 pages or about 3.500-5.000 words (including references, tables and appendices)
  3. The title of the articel is written not more than 15 words.
  4. Full name(s) of the author(s) must be stated along with his/her institution and email address. The student as first author, first consultant as second author and second consultant as third author.
  5. All references should be presented alphabetically and chronologically and must follow the APA Style.
  6. Citation is done using bracket (last name and year of publication).
  7. The article consist of introduction, method, results, discussion, conclusion, references, and appendices (if any).