This second edition involves ten articles from four coutries of authors; Indonesia, United States, Australia, and Thailand, that covers research results, both quantitative and qualitative researches. Those articles become references for the wider community to enrich knowledge. Hopefully, the publication of this second edition of the journal motivates the academics to keep writing. Finally, all editorial team asks for constructive suggestions and criticism for better editions in the future.


Published: Aug 22, 2023

Profile of Wisdom and Knowledge Character on EFL Students

79-89 Syukron Fajriansyah, Niken Saraswati
Read Statistic: 53

The Effectiveness of Classical Music Background in Teaching Writing

108-118 Ishak, Wahyu Sultan, Nirwana Darwis
Read Statistic: 37

Students’ Perception on the Use of Spotify to Improve Students’ Pronunciation

119-132 Andini Amalia Ilyas, Nita Kaniadewi
Read Statistic: 46

Students’ Experiences toward Scripted and Unscripted Role Playing in Junior High School

133-150 Ghorizah Romadhona, Ahmad Munir, Anifatul Rizqiyah
Read Statistic: 36

A Corpus-Based Study of Grammatical Collocation on Asian EFL Learners

151-164 Nirma Paris, Pratiwi Samad, Monsinee Namchan
Read Statistic: 12

A Comparative Study of Authentic Listening Materials for Non-English Major College Students

165-181 Puspita Puspita, Suswanto Suswanto
Read Statistic: 5

A Critical Review on the “Natural Order” of the Morpheme Acquisition: Three major Antithetical Views

182-188 Hendra Bakti, Syahban Mada Ali
Read Statistic: 17

Enhancing English Learning: Self-Determination in Indonesia Digital Classrooms

189-203 Nofvia De Vega, Rahayu
Read Statistic: 5

Students Talking Time (STT) Technique to Elevate Speaking Skills in Senior High School Students

204-214 Muhammad Ilham Ali, Ismail Ismail
Read Statistic: 7